Selections 2016

This trip is not part of the normal training programme and is described as an “Optional Activity”.  As such, the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces neither sponsors this activity nor provides support for it. The financial support for this trip comes from the individual Cadet participant and from the Sponsors, the Squadron Sponsoring Committees (SSC) for 142 Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron and 272 ‘Ojibwa’ Sea Cadet Corps.  The SSC funds are derived from the various fund raising activities in which Cadets participate.

Therefore, each individual Cadet\’s fundraising contributions are form part of the criteria for the selection of participants.   But, fundraising is not the only criteria point weighed.  They must also be pro-active in their participation in the Air Cadet programme, contributing as an individual and as a member of the Squadron/Corps family in his/her learning and the betterment of the Squadron/Corps as a whole.

In addition, as we will be on an international trip for an extended period of time, Cadet participation will be limited to those Cadets who have demonstrated the maturity and ability to be away from home for extended periods of time within the Cadet programme and have demonstrated the maturity standard.

Further, for a Cadet to be eligible to participate in this trip, they must have, as a minimum, done the following:

a.      Cadets must have no documented violations of the Cadet Code of Conduct;

b.      Participated in the mandatory number of hours for the annual 2014/2015 Air Cadet Tagging Days.  This is defined as full participation in all Tagging Days;

c.      Sold a minimum of two (2) Air Cadet Lottery Books in total during 2014/2016;

d.      Cadets must be a minimum of 12 years of age;

e.      Cadets must have attended at least 80% of Mandatory Support Training;

f.        Cadets must have participated in the 2015 fall Squadron Field Training Exercises;

g.      Cadets must have demonstrated the maturity and ability to be away from home for an extended period of time within the Cadet programme;

h.        Cadets must successfully complete the trip interview process;

i.     Cadets must acquire the appropriate travel documents (passport, visa, etc), immunizations (if necessary), medical and travel insurance for travel to the United States; and,

j.      Cadets, parents/guardians must meet the financial pre-payment schedule.

Note, that for Air Cadet Tag Day participation, only sessions where the Cadet was actually in attendance are counted.We recognize that there may be Cadets who have other commitments that require them to be excused from TAG Days, we must be fair to those Cadets who have made the extra effort to participate, many of whom have had to reschedule work and personal commitments to do so.

Cadets are expected to meet the scheduled payment dates as outlined in the Financial Commitment Schedule.