Day 6 – March 11 – 2014

HMS Belfast  |  London Bridge Experience  |  Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre  |  BBQ with 14F Northolt RAF Squadron


“Caen Flight”

On this day, we did a lot.  Firstly, we woke up and got on the train after we ate breakfast.  We arrived at Bank Station to be on our way to a haunted house.  I have been to another scary house, so I was not that scared.  We also headed to the Globe Theatre to explore the amazing art and plays that were made byt the man himself, Shakespeare.  We were told that we were going to visit the British Air Cadets – I loved them!  They treated us like royalty.  Cadet Grenier


“Juno Flight”

New day, new adventure and more walking.  We visited HMS Belfast.  It was so interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge.  We are going to the London Bridge Experience which includes both historical information and a fear factor. We ended with dinner with RAF Cadets where we socialized and got to meet cadets, which brought in a sense of happiness for the cadet program and gratitude, to be fortunate to be in England / Europe.  FCpl Marin