Day 4 – June 4 – 2014

The Longest Day continues….most are too excited to sleep, although they are tired. The Veterans are driven to start their adventure of returning to Normandy and the villages and towns that they liberated 70 years ago. There is limited programming today, so the Veterans have an opportunity to go out and explore Deauville – this time without enemy fire!

In the evening there is a wonderful dinner put on by the tour guide organization EF Tours who are working with VAC n the provision of the tours of historic sites and to various significant events that will commemorate their brave actions on the 6th of June 1944.

The whole groups heads over the river into a fine restaurant – the meal is wonderful and everyone seems satisfied with the day of relaxation and exploring after a long flight over. The Toronto EMS Team is happy to join the Veterans as the share their first night of dining and remembering their actions and colleagues. It is an early night for the Veterans, back to their rooms for 21h00, but it is not one for the Team as we head off for meetings with the VAC and EF Tour teams in preparation for the next three days of celebrations!

This is going to be big…stay tuned and follow us along as Canada remembers the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy!