Day 9 – June 9 – 2014

Believe it or not, it is time to head home. The days have flown by, and the experiences shared by all have been amazing.

The Toronto EMS Veterans Support Team have had the honour to accompany our Veterans on this once in a lifetime journey, 70 years after the first time they arrived. The conditions were different, so much time had past, but to these men it was as if it were yesterday as they retold us their stories of battle, friendship, loss, and victory. We will never forget these men, or the sacrifices that they and so many others have made for us.

We are on our way back on a Canadian Armed Forces Airbus. The CAF Aircrew are just as great on the return as they were on the way out – our Veterans only have to ask an they are being served.

On our return to Canada, some of our Veterans will depart on connecting flights, others will be picked up by family, and some will return to the Southway Hotel for overnight lodging. Where ever they are going, the so-longs and farewells are filled with hugs and tears by all!