Day 10 – June 10 – 2014


Well, this is the last official day of our tour. But, for the Toronto EMS Team it is not over until we see our Veterans off to their final destinations. The team is once again hard at it, assisting the Veterans and caregivers with luggage and booking out of the hotel. We accompany the hotel shuttle and the Toronto EMS ESU 24 loaded with Veterans on the multiple runs to the airport to meet their flights home.

We also say goodbye to the folks of Veterans Affairs Canada. These fine folks have done a magnificent job creating this tour, the ceremonies we participated in, and worked so closely with everyone to ensure that everyone had a memorable time as they returned to France. Congratulations on a job well done!!

And finally, we are off for home too. Thanks to Greg C getting us home safely, and John B for bring us down as out adventure started.

To all of our Veterans, those with us, those at home, and those who are gone, THANK YOU!