About Exercise Canadian Invasion

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First, it is important for you to know that this is not a business enterprise, and the people who organize these adventures do so as volunteers, supporting various Squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, a national youth programme sponsored by the Department of National Defence.  

The activities are not part of the regular Cadet training programme, it is an optional activity for which the Cadet and staff participants pay to attend.  Whilst there are fundraising activities to support these initiatives, there is no cost to the Canadian taxpayer.  

ECI has been creating international educational, cultural and citizenship tours for Cadets since 2007, conducting the first tour in 2008 to the United Kingdom and France.  The tours are held over the annual March Break period, thus allowing the Cadet participants to enjoy up to ten days of interesting travel.  

Our focus is to excite the Cadet’s desire to learn about the sacrifices of Canadians over the last century.  Duty, sacrifice and honour is the corner stone of ECI tours, ensuring that the Cadet spends time walking the same ground that so many Canadians staged, fought and bled on.  For example, in the UK, we visit staging points, museums and other locations of historical significance to Canada.  In France, Belgium and beyond, we visit Commonwealth and Canadian War Graves, paying tribute, commemorating and remembering. 

You will also see that some of the ECI team provided support to our nation’s veterans during commemoratory return visits.  Like conventional ECI tours, the ECI team volunteered to do this without any form of compensation.

Our youth are the future.  To ensure that they can understand the challenges ahead of them, we feel that they also need to understand the challenges of the past, and in many cases the sacrifices that their forefathers paid for the freedom which they enjoy today.  

Please take a look at the various ECI series, view the photos, read the blogs, and feel free to share this website with family and friends. 

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