Day 3 – March 15 – 2016

We went to the War Memorials along the National Mall. It was very interesting to see all the memorials, including the WWII memorial. That was our favourite one. It showed all the states that fought in the war and on the Atlantic or Pacific fronts. Then we went to the Smithsonian Museums.
-Cdt Reszczynski (Mount Sorrel Flight) and LAC Cerajewski (Somme Flight)

Today we visited the National Mall. The first place we went to was the Martin Luther King Memorial where we saw a rock which was carved to look like Martin Luther King. Then we went to the Korean War Veterans memorial and saw models of soldiers and what they would have looked like during the war. Then we went to the Lincoln Memorial where we saw the statue of Mr. Lincoln and opposite of that we saw the reflecting pool. We also saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where there are names of people who were part of the war. Their names are written in an arrow shaped wall pointing towards Vietnam. Then we went to the National WWII Memorial where we saw statues and names of people who were in WWII. After, we went to the Washington Monument, which was the tallest monument built in the world. Next, we went to the Smithsonian Museums where we saw the National Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History and lastly the Gallery of Art. After a long day of walking, we went back to PWF for a bon fire and weenie roast. Cadets got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We also entertained the officers by poking fun at each other, and creating new songs.
-Sgt Patel and FCpl Kebede (Mount Sorrel Flight)