Day 12 – March 17 – 2014

Beny-sur-Mer Canadian Cemetary

Caen – visited the Abbey Ardenne, where 20 POW’s were murdered

Downtown Caen

Juno Beach Centre – inside tour

Lunch and Dinner in Arras

Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian Cemetary

Falaise Gap – Polish War Memorial At Mont-Ormel

Centre des Fontaines – youth hostel in a castle


“Caen Flight”

Today was an outstanding day and a great birthday.  The day started off with multiple raps on my door about 06:15.  Not suspecting anything, I went to open the door thinking that it was just the duty cadets for the usual morning wakeup call, but was mistaken because when I opened the door, I was greeted by a loud “Happy Birthday!” and lots of tape in my doorway.  I noticed the tape and just closed my door, which surprised “Early groomers”.  I grabbed my WWII helmet that I bought and ran through the tape.

i already heard today was going to be a long day.  We travelled to the Juno Beach Museum and most of the day consisted of riding the coach, but I enjoyed myself with all my friends and my newly made English friends.  At night, we slept in a castle, but before that just after dinner I was surprised by the staff when they got me a cake to celebrate my birthday, which I am grateful for and happy to think they would go out of their way for me.

Today was truly an amazing day.  Sgt. Cook-Scott