Day 3 – March 8 – 2014

Tower of London.  Our first day of freedom to roam around the grounds.

Tower Bridge. We managed to do our first update of the website from the North Tower of Tower Bridge.

The Anchor.  We had an excellent fish & chips dinner at the 400 year old Anchor Restaurant.

Victoria Emabkment Walk.

Cleopatra’s Needle

Royal Air Force Memorial.  We left an offering of a Canadian flag and some pins.

The Battle of Britain Memorial.  This was so amazing we came back on Day 4.


Cadet Updates:

“Vimy Flight”  Cadets Brown, Green, Parsons, Makinde, McNeice, Hucker, Haggerty, & Kamstra

Toured Tower Bridge, Anchor Restaurant, Tower of London, Walking along the Thames river Today we visited many places like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the 400 year old restaurant. The Anchor where I had the fish & chips of my life.  I also enjoying the time I am spending with the whole group and getting to know the cadets of the other squadron. Having the time of my life!!!


Dieppe Flight” 

The first two days were beautiful…The weather was a big change from Canada.   FSgt Baggett

Riding the “tube” has been a really cool experience!!    FCpl Gill

Its very peaceful and historical to see all the buildings and see that they are still standing.    FSgt Charlebois

The food has been great so far.  Those Fish & Chips so good!!    Sgt Mohiuddin

Best trip I’ve been on with amazing people makes is 100 times better.     Sgt Dougan

The first two days have been very busy and tiring but the experience is worth it.   Sgt. Stafrace

I have never dropped my sunglasses in one day so much as I did yesterday.  Its a miracle I still have them.   Sgt Schaffers


“Juno Flight”

Today was the first day going into London.  And boy they were right about having to walk and walk and walk and then walk.  Going on the tube can be an interesting experience as even early Saturday morning there are a decent amount of people. Today we visited the Tower of London, which was really cool.  We saw the crown jewels, armour sets, weapons, and much more.  It was really interesting. After this we got a tour of the Tower Bridge, cool enough to find out how it works but not cool having to walk up a dozen flights of stairs.  However we got a nice view of London.  After this, we had supper at the Anchor, a 400 year old building that still stands to this day.  We had fish & chips and sketchy green peas.  Overall, it was a good meal.  Next we went for a walk down the Thames river and we stopped for a half hour around a self-cleaning toilet… what we are fasinated about….we also saw Big Ben and the other sights as well.  After we came back and crashed into our beds.      FSgt Saulnier  (Love ya Mom & Dad)