Day 1 – June 1 – 2014

Our morning starts early out of HQ, the Toronto EMS Medical Support Team gathering, loading our coach to head to Ottawa. John B is driving the coach and gets us to our destination safe and sound, and equally as important – on time for our first of many meetings with Dr N and the VAC staff at 14h00.

The discussions bring everyone onto the same page, and Dr N is pleased at the spectrum of skills that the Toronto EMS Team will bring to the table to assist the Veterans. The afternoon and evening continues with staff meetings, even through dinner. The three Teams review their “Go Bags” and other equipment that we have brought with us. Our meetings wind up at 22h00 and it is off to bed for the night. We meet again at 07h00 over breakfast to review the last minute changes as we prepare to deploy to Uplands Airport and the Ottawa Train Station to start collecting Veterans from across Canada. Our first arrivals are at 09h17….so it’s time to get some sleep.

The Toronto EMS Medical Support Team is composed of the following members:

Ric R-B – Team Co-Ordinator

Jennifer S – Team Manager

Steve H – Team 1 Lead

Ken C – Team 1 Member

Debbie W – Team 1 Member

Mike W – Team 2 Lead

Kelly B – Team 2 Member

John M – Team 2 Member

Shawn S – Team 3 Lead

Don M – Team 3 Member

Lisa M – Team 3 Member

Please follow us along daily for news and photos of the VAC 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy Delegation!