Day 5 – March 10 – 2014


Video taken from Abbey Road of our Cadets and Staff

London Zoo   Abbey Road    Baker Street

“Dieppe Flight”

Cadets Mohiuddin, Stafrace, Charlebois, Dougan, Baggett, Shaeffers, Wright, Croucher, Gill, & Wright

Today we went to the London Zoo seeing many animals and even some got to feed the peguins. (Cdt Dougan)  For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant and for dessert Cdt Charlebois and Mohiuddin got tiramisu…it was delicious!  Before that we went to Abbey Road and got to take pictures then got some free time to go look around.

“Vimy Flight”

Today, along with Vimy Flight came some adventures that will never be forgotten.  We went to the London Zoo.  The Gorilla jumped at the widow and we took pictures of it as it was angry.

We walked across Abbey Road like a boss.  We went to Baker street to go shopping.  There were little shops like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sherlock Holmes.  We ate at ASK Italian.  Some had a calzone and others had pizza and pasta!  Then we came back to our barracks.

FSgt Haggerty.